Funding requirements and forms

Funded providers help to ensure that every child 0-5 has access to high quality, affordable early care and education. See below for guidelines and forms you will need to use as a PFA and ELS participant. 

Operating Guidelines

The ELS-PFA Operating Guidelines describe policies and procedures for funded programs such as payments, reporting, and programmatic requirements. 

The operating guidelines are subject to change at least annually and were last updated in March, 2021.

ELS-PFA Operating Guidelines

Funding Information Documents

ELS Center Reimbursement Rates (FY 20-21)

ELS Family Child Care Reimbursement Rates (FY 20-21)

PFA Tuition Credit Amount (FY 20-21)

Family Fee Schedule

Early Learning Scholarship Contact List

Family Forms

ELS Family Eligibility Form

2020-2021 Data Collection Acknowledgement and Consent Forms

Preschool for All Tuition Credit Family Agreement Form (FY 20-21)