Funding opportunities

Funding Opportunities

There are no funding opportunities available at this time.

OECE is not accepting new applications for the Early Learning Scholarship (ELS) or Preschool For All (PFA) programs. We are placing on hold any new funding opportunities related to child enrollment, as we better understand the impacts of COVID-19 and our City budget. Any changes or updates will be posted on our website. If you have further questions or comments in regards to joining the ELS/PFA network, please contact Denise Corvino at





City Vendor Eligibility

Before OECE can do business with any organization, they must first apply to become a City Vendor. These are the steps to take:

Step 1

Submit a City Vendor Application

Companies and individuals can initiate the city vendor process and submit necessary compliance forms online. Training materials and more details are available here.

Step 2

Apply for Funding Opportunities

Upon availability, organizations can identify funding opportunities and follow OECE guidelines to apply. Organizations may apply for funding before officially becoming a city vendor.

Step 3

Register with Financial System Project (FSP)

Private and non-profit organizations that receive funding contracts need to register with F$P, the City’s financial and procurement system. Registration and details are provided through the city vendor portal (Step 1 above).

Step 4

Use OECE’s Online Contracting System, CARBON

Contracted organizations receive access to CARBON, OECE’s online contracting system, to conduct invoicing and program reporting. The Human Service Agency Contracts Office will inform contractors about CARBON and how to gain access.

Whistleblower Note: If you have complaints regarding deficiencies in the quality and delivery of City services, wasteful practices, misuse of funds, or improper actions by City staff, you can file a complaint through the City’s Whistleblower Program, and explain in detail.