About Our Programs

OECE administers two programs that provide eligible families the financial assistance they need to pay for quality early care and education for children 0-5 years old: the Early Learning Scholarship (ELS) and Preschool for All (PFA). 

Early care and education centers and family child care programs who participate in ELS and PFA prioritize quality and continuity of care so that San Francisco’s youngest children have access to high-quality early care and education. Participating providers have committed to a process of continuous quality improvement and to achieving certain quality standards. Programs receive coaching and professional development to enhance their quality of early education and care. Additionally, educators at funded programs are eligible for the CARES 2.0 stipend.

Becoming an OECE-Funded Partner

To learn more about becoming an OECE-funded provider please visit the link below:


Resources for Early Learning Providers

Information for Funded Partners

Quality Improvement

Workforce Development


In California, licensing of child care businesses is handled through the Child Care Licensing Division (CCLD) of the Department of Social Services (DSS). You need a license if you will be caring for children from more than one family that is not related to you.

There are two types of licenses: Family Child Care (care provided in a person’s home) and Child Care Center (care provided at an independent facility. The license and renewal fees are higher, and the regulations more extensive, for child care centers.

To apply for a license for either a family child care home or a child care center, you will need to attend an orientation session. After you successfully complete the orientation, you can complete the license application.

Interested in becoming a licensed provider? Each of the following agencies offer resources and guidance on how to become licensed:

Children’s Council of
San Francisco

Wu Yee Children’s Services

California Department of Social Services-Community Care Licensing Division

Have legal questions related to being a licensed child care provider? Go to the Child Care Law Center for more information.