Data reporting

Accurate program and service records are an important part of maintaining funding eligibility as a provider and for the families receiving services. OECE funded providers are required to use several data systems to report about the programs services, enrollment and attendance, professional development, and vacancies.

For more details about data reporting requirements, review the ELS-PFA Operating Guidelines.


Starting in July 2021, Mocha will be the attendance tracking, payment generating, and enrollment data system of record for OECE. Mocha will be available for use by all providers and programs funded by OECE, although as of now only formerly Cocoa-using programs are required to use it.

General Resources:

Reporting Requirements

Switching to Mocha - FAQ

June 2021 Training Schedule

Training Guides For FCCs:

Part 1 - Basic Functions

Part 2 - Attendance & Assessment

Training Guides For Centers:

Part 1 - Basic Functions

Part 2 - Enrollment & Certification

Part 3 - Attendance & Payment

Part 4 - Report Builder


Cocoa is the attendance tracking and enrollment data system for programs receiving Early Learning Scholarship Reserved, Moderate, Gap on Title 5 or Preschool for All funding from OECE. Cocoa holds reported program and child information that is used to calculate provider payments and can generate required forms for state and federal reporting.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to Cocoa will end on July 1, 2021. All users will transition to Mocha as the new enrollment and attendance system of record. Cocoa data from the last two years (7/1/2019 through 6/8/2021) will be imported and available to you in Mocha. To view data prior to 7/1/2019, we recommend downloading any needed reports before June 30th, 2021.

Cocoa Reporting Requirements

Setting up Cocoa for 2019-20

Enrolling Children to Cocoa 2019-20

Cocoa Certification Deadlines

instructions (for digital signatures)

Entering Attendance in Cocoa

Adding Holidays and Closures to Cocoa 2019-20

Cocoa Funding Sources

Exiting Children in Cocoa

Early Learning SF

Reporting your vacancies in Early Learning SF will help you connect to families and fill your ELS, Title 5 and voucher vacancies.

Flyer about Early Learning SF

How to Report a Vacancy Tip Sheet

User Guide for Early Learning SF

How to Interact with Families Tip Sheet

What Makes a Good Match Tip Sheet

California ECE Workforce Registry

The California ECE Workforce Registry is designed to track and promote the education, training and experience of the early care and education workforce. Participation in the Registry is required for ELS-PFA funded programs. All San Francisco early care and education professionals are encouraged to join the registry.

General Resources:

OECE Reporting Requirements in the Registry

Frequently Asked Questions

Resources for Teachers and Staff:

Registration & User Tip Sheet

How to Submit Education & Training

Document Upload Tip Sheet

Resources for Administrative Users:

How to Request Administrative Access

Administrative Registration & User Tip Sheet

How Employers Submit Education & Training

Web-based Early Learning System (WELS)

The Web-based Early Learning System (WELS) tracks data, ratings, and quality improvement work for programs participating in the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).  The portal allows programs to access and enter information, view assessment data details, upload documentation, and collaborate on quality improvement efforts with coaches. All OECE-funded programs must commit to achieving and maintaining a Tier 3 rating or higher throughout the funding period.

Help Desk: For technical support, contact the Help Desk for support in Cantonese, Spanish or English at 415-343-4669 or