Early Education Recovery Program


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our communities and businesses creating severe economic hardships that threaten the stability of our San Francisco Early Care & Education (ECE) system.  The City & County of San Francisco is working to minimize the impacts of the Pandemic on our ECE programs and preserve family access to quality care and education.  Consequently, the City & County, through the Early Education Recovery Program legislation established by the Mayor and Board of Supervisors, authorized the use of Proposition (Baby) C reserves for one-time grants and interest-free loans to San Francisco’s Early Care and Education providers. The San Francisco Office of Early Care & Education is responsible for administering this Early Education Recovery Program.


Programs must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • Licensed child care or license-exempt co-operative preschool operation in San Francisco
  • Good standing with California Community Care Licensing Division
  • Created/implemented a S.F. Department of Public Health, Health & Safety Plan (i.e., Exhibit B)
  • Serve children between 0-6 years of age


City-funded (ELS/PFA) Programs 

If your program is already city-funded through the Early Learning Scholarship (ELS) and/or Preschool for All program, you do not need to fill out an interest form.  City-funded ECE programs automatically receive a grant and will be contacted during the grant payment process to identify if they are also interested in a loan.

San Francisco ECE Programs that do not currently receive City funding

Licensed ECE programs or license-exempt co-operative preschool programs in San Francisco serving children birth-to-six years of age that do not already receive City funding are encouraged to fill out an Early Education Recovery Program interest form (linked below).  The interest form provides options for a one-time grant (amounts vary depending on funding availability and program type and population served) and/or a city funded 0% interest-free loan, with a 5-year repayment term.    

Click on your preferred language below to complete the Early Education Recovery Program interest form:


In order to process payment of your Economic Recovery Grant and/or Loan the Office of Early Care and Education may share your information with Children’s Council of San Francisco and the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF). Our data policy is NOT TO SHARE information with private corporations, marketing firms, or collection and credit agencies. We also WILL NOT SHARE your data with criminal justice, family courts, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, IRS, DMV, unless given a specific legal mandate to do so.


If you have any questions please contact Children’s Council of San Francisco at:

EMAIL: support@childrenscouncil.org

PHONE: 415-343-4669

WEB: Children’s Council Online Help Center