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Citizens' Advisory Committee

As part of our transition to become the Department of Early Childhood, the Office of Early Care and Education Citizen’s Advisory Committee (OECE CAC) will evolve to become the new Early Childhood Community Oversight and Advisory Committee (EC COAC).

In collaboration with the First 5 Commission, the EC COAC will provide input and recommendations to the Department regarding overall strategies, policies, and procedures. They will also provide analysis, guide engagement processes, and make recommendations to the Department, the Mayor, and the Board of Supervisors regarding use of funds for the Early Care and Education for All Initiative (aka Baby Prop C).

More information on EC COAC membership and meetings will be available soon. For now, you can access past OECE CAC information below.

Meet the CAC Members​

Meredith Dodson

Gina Fromer: Chair

Pamela Geisler

Sara Hicks-Kilday

Mina Kim

Pat Sullivan

Monica Walters

Attend a CAC Meeting

Unless otherwise stated, Citizens’ Advisory Committee meetings are held on scheduled dates from 4:00-6:00 PM at OECE Offices, 1650 Mission Street, Suite 312, San Francisco, CA 94103.

2022 Scheduled Meetings
January 20, 20224:00-6:00pm

Virtual Convening

Join URL: https://sfhsa.zoom.us/j/83358671906?pwd=bUZMOVZyUlNzYnlWcSs2QkR0QkZkQT09


Members of the public can submit feedback on OECE’s FY 22-23 budget via written or spoken comment during the meeting or can email feedback to maya.castleman@sfgov.org before, during, or after the meeting.

FY 22-23 Budget Presentation Slides

FY 22-23 Budget Submission Forms

March 17, 20224:00-6:00pm

Virtual Convening

Join URL: https://sfhsa.zoom.us/j/82454769187?pwd=K2NKNUxPS1RMdklWR0dNelRpVkxWdz09

May 19, 20224:00-6:00pm

Virtual Convening

Join URL: https://sfhsa.zoom.us/j/82851992154?pwd=em1DTlZqa05LWFgrZUpoRzRnT21ldz09

May 25, 202212:00-2:00pm

Virtual Convening
Join URL: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82444623373

*Special Joint Convening with First 5 Commission Policy and Planning Sub-Committee*

July 21, 20224:00-6:00pm*CANCELLED*  
September 15, 20224:00-6:00pm


Next meeting date TBD    

Become a CAC Member​

We are currently accepting applications for several CAC vacancies!

Click below to learn more about the seat requirements and application process.

As per the Brown Act (California Government Code 54950 et seq.) and the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance (San Francisco Administrative Code, Chapter 67), OECE CAC meetings and meeting documents are free and open to the public. If you have questions or specific needs, email maya.castleman@sfgov.org.

Meredith Dodson

Parent Leader, Decreasing the Distance Parent Collective

Ms. Dodson is a leader with the grassroots SF parent collective, Decreasing the Distance. She is both a parent and a public policy professional and has devoted her career to issues related to ensuring equitable educational opportunities for children particularly for those from the most vulnerable populations. In recent years she has worked as a consultant, strategic planner, and facilitator for nonprofits, foundations, and public agencies on programs and initiatives related to early childhood education systems, access, quality, and workforce issues. Ms. Dodson holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of California – Berkeley and an undergraduate degree in Child Development from Cornell University. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children.

Gina Fromer

Chair, Chief Executive Officer of the Children’s Council of San Francisco

Throughout her life, Gina Fromer has devoted her career, energy, and talent to serving the needs of families in San Francisco and communities across California. In April 2019, following more than four decades of leadership in youth and family services and education programs—including in some of San Francisco’s most underserved neighborhoods—Gina joined the Children’s Council of San Francisco as Chief Executive Officer. Gina manages a staff of 120 and oversees the Children’s Council’s partnership with the San Francisco Office of Early Care and Education and a host of other city and state agencies and organizations. Gina believes that quality child care and early education is a basic human right.

Pamela Geisler

Fiscal and Policy Director, San Francisco Unified School District’s Early Education Department

Pamela Geisler is the Fiscal and Policy Director for San Francisco Unified School District’s Early Education Department. She previously worked in the SFUSD Superintendent’s Office to procure funding to support the District’s efforts to increase educational equity and outcomes. In addition to her time at SFUSD, Ms. Geisler has been a consultant to educational entities and nonprofits across the state to support the implementation and evaluations of programs aiming to increase educational opportunity, support family and community infrastructure, and empower diverse youth. She also initiated a therapeutic childcare program in emergency and transitional housing shelters. Ms. Geisler firmly believes in the power of education and the importance of providing robust educational opportunities to all young children.

Sara Hicks-Kilday

Early Care Educator, Mentor, Researcher, and Advocate

With over 30 years in the field of early childhood education, Sara is an early care educator, mentor, researcher, and advocate. Her work with young children ranges from infants to after-school, centers to home-based, though she is most at home with two-year-olds. She has extensive experience as an adult educator through facilitating, developing, and coordinating workshops, regional meetings, and statewide conferences for support-program administrators, center and FCC program operators, and early care educators—including past work contracting with F5CA for T&TA, facilitating educator leadership with the Work & Family Coalition of Alameda County’s health care campaign, and presenting for NAEYC, CAEYC, local conferences, and college courses. She holds an MA in Special Education with a focus in Early Education from SFSU, a PITC certificate, and deeply values the knowledge gained from her visit to the schools and community of Reggio Emilia. Her vision is a publically-funded, well-resourced, community-based, inclusive ECE system with a stable workforce, and which reflects and equitably serves the colors, cultures, and languages of California’s children. Director of ECESF since 2014, she brings her statewide experience with EC educator-support and systems work, as well as her direct child care and education experience to San Francisco.

Mina Kim

Professor of Elementary Education, San Francisco State University

Mina Kim, Professor of Elementary Education at San Francisco State University, has established expertise in the field of Early Childhood Education. She is a coordinator of the undergraduate ECE courses for prospective teachers and co-coordinating the Early Childhood Education (ECE) master program at SF State. She holds a B.A. in Child Development & Education, an M.S. in Early Childhood Education, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. She has participated in multiple presentations and has many publications focused on issues of early childhood curriculum development, paying specific attention to teacher action research, issues of math and science instruction, multicultural perspectives, and integrated play-based curriculum in cross-cultural contexts. She has served as a co-chair of the ECE Interest Group at Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA) for the past three years. She has served on two early childhood teacher education journal editorial boards, in which she reviews articles related to educational action research, integrated math & science curriculum, and multicultural education.

Pat Sullivan

Director, Baby Steps FCC; Director, FCCASF; Adjunct Professor

Patricia Sullivan, EdD, is the Director of Baby Steps FCC, a multi-aged family child care with a focus on science, math, and daily nature and outdoor experiences. Dr. Sullivan also serves as the Director of the Family Child Care Association of San Francisco (FCCASF), which helps shape policy, programs, and training for FCC educators and ensures that the role of family child care in serving young children and working parents is fully considered in local and statewide policy planning. Furthermore, Dr. Sullivan works as an adjunct professor for the San Francisco State University Child Development Department, teaching courses such as Math & Science in ECE, Nature and Outdoor Education in ECE, Multicultural Education, Language and Literacy, Child Development, Play in ECE, Art in ECE, and Working with Parents and Families.

Monica Walters

Chief Executive Officer, Wu Yee Children's Services

Monica is the Chief Executive Officer of Wu Yee Children’s Services multi-site early care and education and resource and referral agency. Monica joined Wu Yee from Cameron House, where she served as Executive Director from 2009-2012. Her education includes an M.A. in Education, Guidance, and Counseling from Whitworth University, a B.A. in Sociology from Gonzaga University, and a Certificate in Human Services Agency Management from the University of Washington. Through Monica’s education and experience, she has an extensive background in advocacy to address early childhood education and development, chronic poverty, domestic violence, health care, and economic equality. As a highly experienced executive leader of nonprofits in Washington and the diverse social services community of San Francisco, Monica brings passion, commitment, and more than 20 years of experience serving youth, families, and ethnic communities. She is a member of the API (Asian Pacific Islander) Council of San Francisco and the San Francisco Child Care Planning and Advisory Council (CPAC), Co-Chair of the Advocacy Committee for the California Childcare Directors Association (CCDA), and serves on the Steering Committee for the California Coalition for Early Learning (CCEL).