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Statement and Resources on Family Detainment at the Mexican Border

OECE’s work is grounded in the belief that all families have the right to thrive. We strongly support San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city and wholeheartedly endorse the Mayor and Mayor-elect’s joint statement, calling upon United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions to immediately stop separating families at the Mexican border as an anti-immigration policy.

Mayor Mark Farrell:

“As a father of three young children I will never support the federal administration’s decision to tear apart families and use children as pawns in a political game. The images we are seeing of children warehoused in metal cages are beyond the pale and sickens me to my core.

What we are witnessing runs completely counter to our country’s values and founding principles. I am urging the federal government to immediately reconsider their immigration policy changes and provide clear, humane reunification plans. More than ever, we need Congress to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform measures for our country.

Board President and Mayor-Elect London Breed:

“The policy of forcibly removing children from their parents at our border is horrific and unacceptable.

Families who are seeking asylum and refuge in our city—our Sanctuary City, deserve our support and our compassion. As Mayor-Elect, I will continue to support our immigrant communities and fight for comprehensive immigration reform so all our families can live without fear of separation and deportation.”

Immigration related resources:

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