This section of the website is designed for Early Care and Education programs that receive OECE funding.


OECE Required Forms for Parents/Guardians

Data Acknowledgement Form: English, Spanish Chinese

All ELS programs must obtain a completed Data Acknowledgement form for each participating child. For Providers with only Preschool for All funding from OECE, only parents/guardians of PFA-funded children need to complete the form.

Family Agreement Form for Children supported by ELS Voucher and Reserved: English, Spanish, Chinese

Family Agreement Form for Children supported by ELS Gap on Title 5: English, Spanish, Chinese

Family Agreement Form for Children supported by Preschool for All Tuition Credit (FY 19-20): English, Spanish, Chinese

For more information about the Preschool For All Tuition Credit Program, please contact Children’s Council of San Francisco at 415-343-3300 pr Wu Yee Children’s Services at 1-844-644-4300.

Parent/guardian of each OECE-funded child must complete the appropriate family agreement form depending on the type of funding supporting the child. If you have questions about which form to use for each child, please contact your OECE point of contact.

Other Forms:

Paper Attendance Sheet

Blank paper attendance sheet

Sample completed attendance sheet

ELS Bridge Application Form: English (Spanish and Chinese coming soon). This is a form for ELS programs to complete for a family who is losing state or federal funding for their ECE program, and would like to apply for OECE funding.


Early Learning Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions for FCCs: English, Spanish, Chinese


Preschool Limited Term Open Enrollment for ELS Vouchers

Effective from December 6, 2017 through February 6, 2018, all subsidy eligible academic three- and four- year olds may be immediately enrolled in an Early Learning Scholarship (ELS) qualified program with openings through an ELS Voucher, regardless of the family’s enrollment status on SF3C (subject to funding availability). This is a one-time limited term program to facilitate the immediate enrollment of subsidy eligible academic three- and four- year olds, regardless of SF3C status (e.g., walk-ins not on SF3C may be enrolled), and to capitalize on relationships that programs may have directly with subsidy eligible children and families.

All children enrolled through this one-time limited term enrollment process can remain in the program until the child reaches Kindergarten.  Eligibility requirements, as stated in the latest (11.20.17 update) Early Learning Scholarship and Preschool for All Program Operating Guidelines (Fiscal Year 2017-2018), must still be met.

Limited Term Open Enrollment Program Guidelines: English, Spanish, Chinese

Limited Term Open Enrollment Form: English, Spanish, Chinese


ELS Family Fee Schedule

Families qualified for Early Learning Scholarships must pay the Family Fee based on their income and family size, according to the ELS Family Fee Schedule. Families pay the Family Fee directly to their provider and that amount is deducted from the payment that OECE makes to the provider. If there is more than one child in the family, the Family Fee will be applied to the child with the largest amount of approved child care hours/need.  Click HERE to find the family fee schedule in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Individualized Child Care Subsidy Program (aka “SF Pilot”)

SF Pilot Program Handbook (April 20, 2017 version) Note: This is for providers who receive California Department of Education Funding

For SF Pilot Eligibility and Enrollment Forms click HERE

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