In June 2018, San Francisco voters passed Proposition C, Commercial Rent Tax for Childcare and Early Education. The measure authorizes an additional tax on the lease of commercial property for landlords with annual gross receipts over $1 million. The San Francisco controller’s office estimates the new tax will generate over $100 million of new local revenue for early care and education.

To learn more about OECE and the Early Care and Education For All Initiative please view the fact sheets below:

What is OECE? English, Spanish, Chinese

What is the Early Care and Education for All Initiative? English, Spanish, Chinese

Planning Process:

On September 25, 2018 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the Early Care and Education For All Initiative (File No. 180807) establishing a 9-month planning process in which OECE will “encourage broad and diverse community engagement including, but not limited to, engagement with employees working in early care and education, the owners of businesses offering early care and education, parents, nonprofit organizations, philanthropists, the Child Care Planning and Advisory Council (CPAC), First 5 San Francisco, and other experts” to develop a 5-year spending plan for the initiative.

Proposed Approach and Design for Developing the Five-Year Spending Plan

The proposed approach linked above details OECE’s plan to engage parents, families, early educators, ECE stakeholders, and San Francisco community members over the next 9-months in order to develop the First Five-Year Spending Plan for Prop C funds. The Proposed Approach was submitted to the Board of Supervisors on November 8, 2018 and approved on November 14, 2018.

To learn more about how you can get involved in the Prop C engagement and planning process please visit the links below:

Prop C Ad-hoc Access/Expansion Committee

Prop C Ad-hoc Workforce Compensation Committee

Opportunities to Engage

Community Input