We strongly encourage OECE-funded programs to pursue training, higher learning education opportunities, and other workforce supports.

All OECE-funded early care and education programs will participate in three (3) in-depth trainings as a condition of funding. At least one teacher per OECE-funded classroom during each program year until all teachers in OECE-funded center based classrooms meet these three (3) training requirements. Family child care programs are to meet this requirement by attending a minimum of one (1) in-depth training each program year.  The training requirements consist of participating in eight (8) hours of training delivered by an OECE partner, or completing an academic or online course or an equivalent training that is approved by OECE in the following topics:

  • Support for Dual Language Learners (focusing on language acquisition and literacy for dual language learners)
  • Inclusion and Meeting the Needs of Young Children with Disabilities or Other Special Needs
  • Family Engagement and Support (focusing on the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework)

Educators in OECE-funded classrooms are required to log how they have met the above required trainings through their California ECE Registry  profiles.

Check out the Quality Connections Training  Calendar (link to http://qualityconnections.first5sf.org/events/) for training opportunities.

Click below to learn more about workforce opportunities provided by OECE Partners

Workforce Initiatives