Kathie Herrera-Autumn

Kathie Herrera-Autumn,

Director of Catholic Charities CYO- Treasure Island CDC

Kathie Herrera-Autumn joined Catholic Charities in 2011 as the Program Manager of the Treasure Island Child Development Center, a program that strives to create a collaborative child-centered environment where everyone contributes and feels taken care of. She has worked with children in various capacities as a Teacher at Temple Emanu-El Preschool, Lead Teacher and Program Coordinator at Bright Horizons and Site Supervisor at Friends of St. Francis since moving to San Francisco from Roslyn, New York in 1985.

Kathie has a BA in Child Psychology, extensive units in Child Development from City College of San Francisco as well as various city trainings which include the first cohort of the Administrator’s Academy, CSEFEL City Wide Leadership, and SF Inclusion Network’s Community of Practice. After working with various populations Kathie is at home again with the Treasure Island population, going back to her roots as a poster child for Head Start at age 4. Here she strives to instill the love of education in the most vulnerable populations in San Francisco through relationship building, quality education and humor, as was instilled in her as a preschool child. In order to support the ECE workforce, she has taken on various roles such as Director Mentor through the California Early Childhood Mentor Program, Professional Growth Advisor and a Mentor for SFUSD’s Life Learning Academy Charter High School. Through these roles she is able to mentor staff and role model quality childcare and interactions with children and families, as well as mentor the next generation of Teachers and Directors. Kathie joined the OCEC CAC for a new voice to be heard about what is truly needed at the ground level and up, that will ensure quality care and education for all children.