San Francisco ECE Initiatives

A strong early care and education system that is well funded, fully coordinated, and highly accountable is essential to the long-term success and school readiness of young children. Developing a system requires explicit efforts to bring coherence to the relationships between various financing mechanisms and revenue sources, and the programs, services, and infrastructure that require funding. System-building is incremental and takes time as well as stakeholder commitment.

Funding streams that support early care and education in San Francisco must be effectively coordinated locally in order to develop strategies and targeted investments that support the system as a whole. This creates special challenges in governance, administration, and coordination. Historically, two significant barriers have impeded progress: fragmented funding streams with conflicting financing and the absence of a cohesive system. In San Francisco, stakeholders have worked together to resolve these long standing issues and aim to create a seamless and coherent system of early care and education for the children and families in the City that maximizes investments while maintaining a focus on quality.

Based on principles of targeted investment and capacity building support, San Francisco designed strategies to simultaneously move incentive programs towards quality while supporting them in the process of getting there. They were designed to address quality, affordability and availability and to provide young children and their families the breadth and quality of services that research indicates are essential for healthy development.

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Accessible Child Care Expedited for the Child Care System (ACCESS)
Child Care Facility Fund

Early Childhood Mental Health
Early Learning Scholarship (ELS)
Early Learning SF
Family Child Care Quality Network (FCCQN)
Preschool for All (PFA)
San Francisco Child Care Connection (SF3C)
San Francisco Pilot