Early Care and Education providers who have OECE funding agreements are required to use the following two data systems– COCOA & The California Workforce Registry.

The Help Desk provides technical support to providers and staff in OECE-funded child care programs on their use of required data systems, including trouble-shooting, orienting staff to the systems, demonstrating how the systems work, and explaining processes. Help Desk support is offered in Cantonese, Spanish and English. You can reach the Help Desk by calling (415) 343-3358 or by emailing Emily Kraybill at ekraybill@childrenscouncil.org.

Attendance Sheets are used to monitor participation in programs for children using vouchers.

  • Providers with Reserved, Moderate, and or/ELS Gap on Title 5 and Preschool for All funding report all children (subsidized or unsubsidized) in Cocoa.  Children using vouchers must be reported in Cocoa as well as on a paper attendance sheet supplied by Integrated Services Administrators.
  • Providers who are ELS qualified but DO NOT have a Funding Agreement for Reserved, Moderate, ELS-Gap or Preschool for All funding use paper attendance sheets supplied by Integrated Services Administrators.  A sample attendance sheet is available below with examples on how to document different start and end times. Click HERE for sample attendance sheet.

COCOA is the daily attendance tracking and enrollment data system for providers receiving Early Learning Scholarship City-(Reserved), Moderate, Gap on Title 5 funding or Preschool for All funding from the SF Office of Early Care and Education. COCOA holds information on enrolled children and provider sites that is used to calculate OECE payments to providers, can help providers save time with daily attendance, and can generate required forms for state and federal reporting.

The California Workforce Registry is designed to track and promote the education, training and experience of the early care and education workforce. Participation in the California Workforce Registry is required for ELS providers, but all San Francisco providers and early care and education professionals are encouraged to join the registry.

Web-based Learning System (WELS) is designed to track data, ratings, and quality improvement work for providers participating in the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).  The portal allows providers to access and enter information, view assessment data details, upload documentation, and collaborate on quality improvement efforts with coaches.  All OECE-funded providers must commit to achieving and maintaining a Tier 3 rating or higher throughout the funding period.