Read the descriptions below or click HERE for a summary of which funding types require reporting into Cocoa or use of paper time sheets.

  • Programs with Reserved, Moderate, and or/ELS Gap on Title 5 funding report all children, (subsidized or unsubsidized) including children using vouchers, in Cocoa.
  • Programs with only Preschool for All funding report only PFA-funded children in Cocoa.
  • Programs who are ELS qualified but DO NOT have a Funding Agreement for Reserved, Moderate, ELS-Gap or Preschool for All funding use paper attendance sheets supplied by Integrated Services Administrators. A sample attendance sheet is available below with examples on how to document different start and end times. Click HERE for sample attendance sheet.


Cocoa is the daily attendance tracking and enrollment data system for programs receiving Early Learning Scholarship Reserved, Moderate, Gap on Title 5 funding or Preschool for All funding from the SF Office of Early Care and Education. Cocoa holds information on enrolled children and programs that is used to calculate OECE payments to providers and can generate required forms for state and federal reporting.


Summary of data required to be entered in Cocoa

Setting up Cocoa for 2019-20

Enrolling Children to Cocoa 2019-20

Calendar of the Cocoa monthly certification deadlines

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Entering Attendance in Cocoa (Chinese)

Adding Holidays and Closures to Cocoa 2019-20

Cocoa Funding Sources for Centers

Cocoa Funding Sources for FCCs

Exiting Children in Cocoa (Chinese)