The Office of Early Care and Education (OECE) was established in the City and County of San Francisco in 2013-14 to improve access to high quality early care and education for children and families.  The office is charged with improving accessibility, affordability, and quality for all San Francisco children ages 0-5 though improved coordination, priority setting, system building and streamlining of early care and education in the city.  The OECE currently manages a large portfolio of ECE subsidies and provider supports.  In FY 2015-16, the Office will be responsible for the city’s next iteration of Preschool for All (PFA), now Early Care for All (ECA). The new independent office relies on the Human Services Agency for back office functions, such as accounting and human resources management. By coordinating resources and consolidating services the Office of Early Care and Education is intended to maximize resources, improve policy coordination, and provide a single line of authority for the City’s investments in early care and education services.